Quickly build stable foundations without concrete

Ground screws effectively anchor any construction as part of a universally connective, modular system that is extremely flexible in adapting to a full range of installation terrains, sub-soils and other requirements.

Wooden houses




Industrial fences

City equipment


Extendable screws

Extendable ground screws are most suitable in places where the length of standard ground screw is not sufficient. High variability of the extensions allow quick reaction to local conditions. Customer create the exact lenght of ground screw regarding local conditions.

Fixed screws

Fixed ground screws  represent ideal  solution for concrete-free foundations. As  they have fixed  size it is always  necessary to evaluate  determinate static  conditions  and  the bearing  capacity of the  soil  to  select proper ground  screw.

Installation of profi ground screws

Fast, imediately ready to use, enviromentaly friendly, without groundworks.

Ground screws for housing foundation  (approx 50 pcs) are implemented during 5-10 hours. Speed of installation depend by preparation of building site and quality of sub soil.

For difficult and complicated sub soil we do use several addtitional technologies for sucesfull ground screws installation. HDT pre-drill by compressor, core predrill for asphalt, ogre drill for hardpan ....

PULL-OUT TEST of ground screws

Structural analysis depend by verified results of pull out test. Results are evaluated by methodology by EUROCODE 7. For permanent housing foundations is pull out test mandatory procedure before ground screws installation.

Load capacity of ground screws is tested by BAYO.S testing equipment certified by TUV and ústav něr  a vah. For permanent houses and speficic construction is pull out test mandatory procedure

During test BAYO.S install sample ground screws  which are testing by vertical and horizontal load till level of plasticity of sub-soil. Methodology  is given by EUROCODE 7  EN 1997-1. 

Result data are collected on data disc. Evaluation of test including measured data are given to client as complete load test data for structural analysis of foundation for Building permit or other authority usage.

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