Drilling mast

Drilling mast and excavator
Drilling mast and bobcat
Drilling mast with skidsteer
ISO desk to the skid steer
  • This model is designed to be mounted on to skid steers, bobcats from 3,5T,  hydraulic flow more than 80lt/min
  • Suitable for medium-sized projects.
  • Features and Specifications:
  • Installation of screw vertically and/or at an angle.
  • Controllable and measurable torque and thrust force
  • Digital torque reader: Provides digital recording of hydraulic pressure when installing the screw.
  • Accessories: GPS, Drill head, Torque reader, Quick attach ISO
  • Torque: 500 Nm
  • Screw driving length: 250cm
  • Max Capacity: 200 screws per day
  • Total Weight: 370 kg
Screw Pile Driver